The NRAO Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array Radio Interferometer, Socorro, New Mexico


As a keen advocate of communicating astronomy and science in general to a wider audience, over the course of my career I have both organized and participated in a wide variety of outreach and media activities. Listed on this page are a summary of these activities and what they entailed.

Bayfordbury observatory group visits - Astronomy talks, planetarium shows, demonstrations and
tours, 2011 - 2014

Bayfordbury observatory public open nights - Radio astronomy talks, science activities, planetarium
shows, telescope demonstrations and Q&A sessions, 2009 - 2014

Sacred Heart School astronomy day - Astronomy talks, activities and planetarium shows, 2013

Transit of Venus (BBC Breakfast / World Service) - Observations and radio interview, 2012

Promotional film - University promotional film for prospective undergraduate students, 2012

Outreach visit for pupils from a low-application-rate background - Planetarium shows, 2012

Red Cross Pinetum and observatory open day - Planetarium shows, 2011

Green Lanes Primary School astronomy talk - Talk to year 1 about our Solar System, 2011

Green Lanes Primary School careers talk - Talk to years 5 and 6 about careers in astronomy, 2011

Founder of Ask an Astronomer UK - Q&A focused astronomy website, 2011 (Link)

IOP Physics in the Field - East of England show, physics activities for kids, 2008